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Please complete this form in order to apply for free real-time access to GNSS data streams from the GMV Ntrip Broadcaster (port 2101).

Providing access is a service supporting the Calls for Participation (CfPs) of the EUREF-IP Project and the Real-time IGS Pilot Project. Note that data on GMV Ntrip Broadcaster is mainly provided by the EUREF-IP Ntrip Broadcaster and/or the IGS-IP Ntrip Broadcaster (ports 80 & 2101) and GMV acts as an Ntrip Relay to support disseminating the stream resources.

Note also that data is made available primarily for demonstration and evaluation purposes. GMV aims to provide an uniterrupted service. In spite of all efforts downtimes can not be totally avoided. It is important to understand that streams may be interrupted, become unavailable or changed at any time without prior notice. However, if possible, GMV will try to keep you informed.

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Depending on available stream dissemination resources, simultaneous access to more than 5 streams could be granted, e.g., for Real-time IGS Pilot Project Members and those supporting EUREF or IGS through operating an NTRIP relay.

You may like to request an appropriate account for that by separate email to GMV.

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GMV is responsible today for operating the GMV Broadcaster. It disclaims any liability and responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any loss or damage caused, or alleged to be caused, directly or indirectly by the use and application of its Ntrip technology.